Getting a Tattoo on Breast

Getting a Tattoo on Breast – A successful pattern

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Getting a Tattoo on Breast, never let a tattoo professional touch your breasts I hope you all read my post yesterday about how my tattoo artist got to the depths of my psyche to find the perfect spot. That may seem a bit petty, but having breast tattoos is akin to having a breast implant.

It’s a personal choice that involves many personal choices that has a very real and personal impact on your overall appearance. The size, shape, placement and design have been carefully thought out by someone, and they’ve been carefully put on your body.

Getting a Tattoo on Breast

So let’s compare that to a tattoo. You may be lucky to have an experienced tattoo artist design and put a tattoo on your back. It’s very difficult to get the exact size, shape and design you want because it’s always going to be different, depending on what you want.

But it may be a little less complicated if you decide to put a tattoo on your breast, and never let a tattoo professional touch your breasts. A tattoo artist will never have experience of placing tattoos on breast tissue, so they are not very good at getting the tiniest tattoo pattern.

And that means it’s going to be harder for you to get the exact size, shape, and design you want.

It’s very hard to put a tattoo on your chest, especially if you want it to stay on and look good for years. It’s much easier to get a tattoo on your back. There’s an age factor, a breast size factor, a breast size decline factor, a risk factor, and it takes the tattoo professional much less time.

Even if you think you’ll get a tattoo, get it on your chest instead, because it’s easier. Then when you’re done, you can take the tattoo to your breast and change the design so it works with it.

You can also change the size of the tattoo pattern so it stays smaller, or smaller, than it is now. That’s something you may have to do if you have breasts, because breasts tend to grow, and with breasts comes breast cancer. So you have to take the tattoo out and put it back in so it works with the breast.

I got a tattoo at a respectable and famous tattoo shop. The only thing I could say is that they were competent, professional, and have lots of experience with tattoo placement. 

I went for the tattoo, and then I decided to get another tattoo on my breast, on the other breast. My tattoo artist was really happy that I did that because it meant I would have both on my breast.

He said, “You have a tattoo on your hip, and now you’re getting another one on your other breast, and that’s a tattoo on breast tissue.”

It’s much better when it takes a little bit of time, when you get a tattoo on your hip, or on your back, and it gets bigger and bigger.

I’ve done it on my back. I just put the tattoo, and I said I’d like it to be bigger and bigger.



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