Why you Should Stop Drinking Alcohol | Step by Step

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Why you should stop drinking alcohol, alcohol is a smooth criminal because many individuals underestimate its addictive strength and hence become victims of alcohol consumption without even realizing it.

If you can’t imagine a day without a glass of wine or another alcoholic beverage, you should break the habit immediately, before it becomes a harmful habit.

Why you should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol use is the leading cause of liver diseases such as cirrhosis, which is usually fatal. Furthermore.

Since alcohol stimulates blood circulation, many individuals acquire high arterial pressure, which may lead to heart attacks or strokes over time.

The yellowing of teeth, whose dental nerves and roots may be badly impacted by drinks and so form periodontists, is the second most common unfavorable result of alcohol usage.

Aside from the health issues mentioned above, alcohol consumption will have a significant impact on your appearance. Because inebriates retain water and reduce anti-diuretic hormones, both men and women acquire puffy eyes.

Furthermore, persons who consume big amounts of alcohol before going to bed have red eyes and a blotchy face. If you allow yourself to get engulfed in the whirlwind of drinking, your social relationships will suffer.

People will see that you are untrustworthy and will no longer trust you to do different responsibilities, particularly your bosses, who may decide to terminate you.

Your pals will be driven away by your liquor breath and overall terrible odor, no matter how much they love you. However, the most compelling reason to quit drinking is the harm you may do to others you care about.

If you don’t care about your health and the information above hasn’t convinced you to give up alcohol once and for all,

Perhaps the safety of your children and loved ones will persuade you. Many children are wounded or killed as a result of their parents’ failure to adequately monitor them as they consume alcoholic beverages.

Don’t give up in the face of alcoholism; your family is counting on you to become clean again, so don’t disappoint them. We understand that you may believe there is no way out.

But allow us to tell you that you are incorrect; there is a possibility to recover as long as there are alcohol rehabs.

Join one of these sanatoriums and you’ll be on your way to rediscovering your genuine sober self in no time!

Why you should Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Why we should stop using alcohol?

Reasons we should stop using or drinking alcohol is because alcohol can be dangerous to your health if consume excessively, if you can stop drinking alcohol today you will see changes in your day to day health and your physical activities.

Alcohol can be addicted, and stoping it at once is nearly impossible, but it worth doing so, you need to put in the hard work by doing what you think can stop you from thinkingh about it at all, once again if you can stop drinking alcohol today you will enjoy it.

Is life better without alcohol?

Is life better without alcohol? This is most commonly ask question by many, some even said that alcohol can be medicinal, while others take it has a life saver, but life can be better off without alcohol, so many do not understand the danger of consuming alcohol.

Let read this short story:

Three weeks without consuming any alcoholic beverages. I felt healthier, more alert, and more calm after three weeks. What happened to my body, exactly?

Those who abstain from alcohol may also have improved digestion. “Proteins that break down food are found in the villi of the small intestine.

These proteins revert to their original state pretty rapidly “Seitz agrees. Without getting into too much depth, gut balance improves one’s quality of life.

Don’t forget to include the liver. Giving up alcohol is like taking a spa vacation for our purifying organ. The liver is fattened by beer, wine, and spirits. According to Seitz, a fatty liver isn’t all awful at first. It is, however, the initial step toward liver cirrhosis.

My liver has always been unassuming and silent. I didn’t see any changes “Abstinence from alcohol is usually beneficial to the liver.

Regardless of the condition of the liver, whether it is somewhat greasy or has severe cirrhosis. It will bounce back “Seitz highlights this point.

Is it worth stopping drinking?

Is it worth stopping drinking? The answers is yes! if you can stop drinking alcohol completely it will be the best idea ever, your health and body generally will be in a good condition, if you want to stay in a good health then you have to quit alcohol.

If you entirely abstain from alcohol, you will reap several health advantages. In the short and long run, here’s what you can anticipate.

You’ll be in good company if you’ve decided to give up drinking alcohol. In the United Kingdom, over one-seventh of individuals (14%) never consume alcohol.

Alternatively, whether you’re just considering abstaining from alcohol for personal reasons or as part of a challenge, you’ll be joining millions of others.

It’s a good idea to be prepared for the changes you could observe, whether you’re quitting for good or simply taking a break.

But first, talk to your doctor or another medical expert if you suspect you could be addicted to alcohol.

Physical withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, and nausea might occur if you are addicted to alcohol.

It might be risky to quit drinking totally too fast without sufficient help if you experience these symptoms after missing a drinking session.

Why you should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Benefits of stopping alcohol

When you’re ready to quit, there are a slew of advantages, ranging from lower blood pressure and better sleep in the near term to a slew of other crucial long-term health advantages.

Here are some of the short- and long-term benefits of abstaining from alcoholic beverages.

  1. Good health
  2. Good Sleep
  3. Eating well
  4. Develop body structure
  5. Body Strength
  6. Brain in good condition and lot more…

Can you be happy without alcohol?

Yes! If you stop drinking alcohol nothing happen and you will be happy! That is just the plain truth.

In every way, recovery is a transformational experience. Harris describes how difficult it may be to acclimatize and learn to ‘have fun’ without alcohol since life may seem duller and less enjoyable without it at first.

However, the spark will reappear. Continue your investigation. Experiment with a variety of options. You may discover that you no longer like the same movies or television series and that you prefer to watch other ones.

If you don’t enjoy the same music as everyone else, there are a plethora of performers to pick from.

You’re just getting to know yourself better. You’re honing your preferences. And what we believed would be empty if we didn’t drink is often much more wonderful in sobriety.

Even if it takes practice, you will rediscover pleasure and contentment. Your sober life may be exciting and enjoyable.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed, and from my own personal experience, pleasure in recovery is frequently more enduring and significant than joy I had when drinking.

What can I replace alcohol with?

There are many substitute to alcohol, I will explain in this part of this article, want to have a wonderful time without getting a hangover? Here are some suggestions to help you enhance your health as well as your hip pocket.

Here are list of what to drink aside alcohol, we have handpicked the list of top drinkings to replace alcohol.

  • Soda with lime juice Simple is still the best, as seen by this.
    Berries in a glass of icy water. This refreshing drink will keep you feeling revitalized throughout the summer.
    Kombucha. The newest kid on the block and unquestionably the ‘it’ drink right now. Just make sure there’s no more than 5g of sugar per 100ml.
  • Mary, virgin and bleeding. This updated classic is also a wonderful alternative for people searching for a saltier flavor while still packing in the vegetables.
  • Mojito with no alcohol. A Mojito contains approximately 35-40 calories and less than two spoons of sugar without the rum, so it’s a smart choice.
  • Lime mixed, half soda, half cranberry juice Reduce the amount of sugar in the juice to less than half a glass for a healthy and delightful treat.
  • Fresh fruit and soda For a flavor of summer, combine fresh fruit with soda and a splash of fruit juice.
  • Mocktails. Mocktails are heavy in sugar, so why not have one and then switch to lime and soda for the remainder of the evening? Try some of Dry July’s suggestions.
Why you should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Is it hard to give up alcohol?

Is it hard to give up alcohol? I don’t want to dig deep into this part of this article, but to be honest with you, it is not hard to give up alcohol always remember nothing good ever come easy, wether it is hard or easy to give up alcohol all I know is that it worth given up.

Stopping drinking may be necessary for some due to medical concerns. Perhaps it’s because they’ve developed an alcohol-related medical problem, such as liver disease, or they’ve started taking medicine that interacts negatively with alcohol.

Whatever your motivation for quitting drinking, the good news is that everyone can do it. And you’re not alone if you’re thinking of cutting booze out of your life.

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What is the most successful way to stop drinking?

1. Counseling
Therapy may help you reflect on your drinking and understand why you do it. It may also assist you in altering your cognitive processes in order to avoid consuming alcohol.

2. Alter Your Friend Circle
Spending time with folks who are always drinking might lead to you drinking again. Spending time with non-drinkers allows you to develop new behaviours.

Many individuals who stop drinking discover that their drinking buddies are unwilling to maintain ties with someone who no longer drinks.

3. Eliminate Alcohol Access
Remove any alcoholic beverages from your home. Bars and booze outlets should be avoided.

4. Make a habit change
Change any drinking-related behaviors you have. If you often go to happy hour, for example, consider switching to a café.

5. Support Groups
Attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or other support groups. This will provide you access to a group of sober buddies.

6. Seek Medical Help
The easiest approach to quit drinking is to go to an outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation clinic. The main reason for this is medical monitoring and care.

What is considered heavy drinking?

Heavy drinking is often described as 15 drinks or more per week for males. Heavy drinking is usually characterized as eight or more drinks per week for women.

Excessive drinking, whether excessive or binge drinking, has been linked to a number of health issues, including:

  • Cirrhosis (damage to liver cells); pancreatitis (pancreas inflammation); cancers of the liver, mouth, throat, larynx (voice box), and esophagus; high blood pressure; and psychiatric problems are examples of chronic illnesses.
  • Motor vehicle traffic collisions, falls, drowning, burns, and weapon injuries are all examples of unintentional injuries.
  • Child abuse, murder, and suicide are all examples of violence.
  • If a woman drinks while pregnant, it may cause harm to the growing baby, such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a kind of sudden infant (SIDS).
  • Alcoholism disorders are a kind of alcohol abuse.
Why you should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain

To understand the varied impacts of alcohol on the brain, it is necessary to have knowledge of how the brain operates.

The brain is in charge of controlling all of the body’s systems, including the digestive, respiratory, and muscular systems.

So, how does the brain do all of this? Chemical, physical, and electrical movements between cells are used by the brain to perform its functions.

Between cells, chemical signals are employed, whereas inside cells, electrical signals are used. These substances are known as neurotransmitters.

A synapse is a space between cells that contains active neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are ejected and pass via synapses.

Where they bind to receptors (receiving cell membrane specific to neurotransmitters).

On the receiving cells, such activities cause chemical, physical, or electrical changes. These either stimulate the cells to do tasks or inhibit them from doing so.

Alcohol impairs normal neurotransmission as it reaches synapses, which is one of the consequences of alcohol on the brain.

Alcohol’s effects on various areas of the brain

Alcohol has distinct effects on different areas of the brain. The cerebral cortex is in charge of information processing from your senses, mental processes.

And most voluntary muscular movement initiation, as well as controlling certain lower-order brain functions. The following are the effects of alcohol on the cerebral cortex:

  • The possibility of erroneous judgment and mental processes
  • Reduced inhibitions, which may lead to increased talkativeness and self-assurance.
  • Blurred vision and a higher pain threshold

As the amount of alcohol in the body grows, the effects of alcohol on the brain become increasingly obvious.

The effects of alcohol on the limbic system are also included in the effects of alcohol on the limbic system. The hippocampus and the brain septal zone are part of the limbic system.

This is in charge of both emotions and memory. An alcohol-induced consequence might include memory loss and heightened levels of emotion.

The cerebellum is the region of the brain that governs movement. Alcohol and the cerebellum Alcohol has a sloppy impact on this portion of the brain, resulting in clumsy muscular actions.

Alcohol has an effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, as well as other areas of the brain. Apart from having control over them.

The hypothalamus has an impact on a variety of mental activities. It also controls hormone release through the pituitary gland.

Apart from sexual performance, the hypothalamic nerve facilities govern being sexually stimulated, and sexual performance is poor due to drinking.

When drinking, a person’s desire for sex rises but their sexual performance declines.

Alcohol also influences the urination process by delaying the secretion of the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) by the pituitary gland.

Because ADH is delayed, the kidneys will generate more urine. This hormone is necessary for the kidneys to reabsorb water.

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Why you should Stop Drinking Alcohol

How to Quit Drinking in Seven Days or Less

Consider the many reasons why one should quit drinking alcohol: it has an impact on one’s career, everyday activities, relationships, social bonds, and a variety of other facets of one’s life.

Drinking too much has also been proven to diminish the brain’s size and have bad effects on other organs; it may delay response time, impair memory, and depress the inhibitory regions of the brain, resulting in other behavioral issues.

Let’s look at some of the techniques to quit drinking alcohol now that we’ve identified the many reasons for doing so.

  • Take it one day at a time and reward yourself for each day you go without drinking. Understand that each day you go without drinking alcohol should be celebrated as a victory!
  • If you’ve decided to give up alcohol and are wondering how to quit drinking it, the first thing you should do is get rid of all the bottles of liquor in your home. Yes, I’m referring about the secret cache you’ve stored away, the one you believe no one knows about.
  • Alter your social circle and the areas you visit. There may be those persons in your life who, unwittingly or otherwise, undermine your attempts to stay on track.

Hanging around with them may entice you to drink and may put you in circumstances where you will be forced to drink.

If your favorite hangout is a bar where you can also find your buddies, choose a new pastime or make new connections to assist you avoid this.

Try to surround yourself with individuals who are supportive and encouraging of your desire to quit smoking and who will assist you along the road.

  • Make sure your objectives are reasonable. If you fear you won’t be able to stop drinking cold turkey, establish modest objectives for yourself:

One fewer drink than the day before, one less the day after, and so on. Unrealistic objectives are bound to failure and will demotivate a person, causing the rehabilitation process to be disrupted.

  • Face the problems that cause you to drink. Drinking is often only a symptom of a larger issue. If alcohol is used to cope with problems, it might assist to address them.

Joining a support group, going to therapy, or visiting a counselor may all help you work through your problems?

  • Finding something significant to do with your life – acquire a new skill or passion, volunteer to give back to society in other ways, or attempt to contribute back to society in other ways.
  • Seek support from outside sources to help you kick the habit – correcting chemical and vitamin imbalances in the body may help you stay away from hazardous drugs by diminishing and controlling cravings and increasing your chances of success.
  • Last but not least, keep going!
Why you Should Stop Drinking Alcohol


In conclusion stop drinking alcohol that is the answer, alcohol can disintegrate, deteriorate and destroy your general body health, alcohol we all know can be addicted.

Leaving or quiting alcohol totally worth it, I hope this article have given you all the reasons you need to quit or stop drinking alcohol.

Tell me what you learn in this article by writen your review in the comment section below and do not forget to share with your love ones, thank you and see you in my next article, bye for now.

Alcohol is a smooth criminal because many individuals who drink it don’t see the problems until it is too late. Alcoholism has been a problem among people ever since it was invented.

The only reason it exists today is because certain companies have continued to produce and sell it because of the profits that they get in return.

It should not be completely surprising to see a list of the top reasons why you should stop drinking alcohol.

There are a lot of them, and you will find that most people these days do not want to give up that one night out at the bar with the co-workers. By following the simple steps given here you can easily get your life back on track.

Instead of drinking alcohol you can start doing things like running, swimming, lifting weights and other forms of physical activity because you are going to have so much more energy once you start to quit.

You should stop drinking alcohol and put your health first. Do whatever it takes to hand alcohol and it’s destructive effects. Alcohol isn’t worth it.

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