What Is Jujube Fruit? Nourishment & Benefits

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What Is Jujube Fruit? Nourishment & Benefits, Jujube fruit, additionally referred to as Chinese or red day, is belonging to Southern Asia yet has come to be preferred all over the world.

These little round fruits with a seed-containing pit expand on huge blooming hedges or trees (Ziziphus jujuba). When ripe, they’re dark red or purple as well as might show up a little wrinkled.

As a result of their wonderful preference as well as crunchy appearance, they’re usually dried out and also made use of in sweets and also treats partially of Asia where they typically expand.

In natural medicine, they’re commonly made use of to enhance rest and also lower anxiousness.

This post informs you every little thing you require to find out about jujube fruit, including its nourishment, advantages, and also makes use of.

What Is Jujube Fruit?

Jujube nourishment

Jujube fruit is reduced in calories however abundant in fiber, vitamins, and also minerals.

A 3-ounce (100-gram) offering of raw jujube, or regarding 3 fruits.

– Calories: 79

– Protein: 1 gram

– Fat: 0 grams

– Carbs: 20 grams

– Fiber: 10 grams

– Vitamin C: 77% of the Daily Value (DV).

– Potassium: 5% of the DV.

As a result of their high fiber material as well as reduced calorie matter, jujubes make an outstanding, healthy, and balanced treat.

They consist of percentages of numerous nutrients yet are specifically abundant in vitamin C, a crucial vitamin with immune-boosting and also antioxidant buildings.

They likewise consist of a reasonable quantity of potassium, which plays important duties in muscle mass control as well as electrolyte equilibrium. On top of that, jujube fruits consist of carbohydrates in the form of all-natural sugars, which offer your body power.

Dried-out jujubes, which are extra generally consumed and also made use of in food preparation in numerous components of the globe, are a lot greater in sugar as well as calories than fresh fruit.

Throughout drying out, the sugars in the fruit ended up being focused, and also extra sugar might be included throughout handling.


Jujube fruits are reduced in calories and also high in fiber. They likewise use several minerals and vitamins, consisting of vitamin C and also potassium. Register for day-to-day nourishment pointers as well as techniques.

Much healthier consumption should not be a problem. We’ll send you our evidence-based pointers on dish preparation and also nourishment.

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What Is Jujube Fruit?

Advantages of jujube fruit

Jujube fruits have long been utilized in natural medicine to deal with problems like sleeping disorders and also stress and anxiety.

Pet, as well as test-tube researches, show that the fruit might provide remarkable health and wellness advantages for your nerve system, resistance, as well as food digestion.

Rich in antioxidants

Jujube fruits are abundant in numerous antioxidant substances, mainly flavonoids, polysaccharides, and also triterpene acids. They likewise include high degrees of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant.

Anti-oxidants are substances that can turn around as well as avoid damages triggered by excess cost-free radicals.

Free extreme damages are believed to be a significant factor in numerous persistent problems, consisting of kind 2 diabetic issues, heart problems, and also some cancers cells.

Because of their capacity to eliminate cost-free radicals, anti-oxidants might use several wellness advantages.

One pet research study discovered that the antioxidant task of jujube flavonoids helped in reducing tension and also swelling triggered by complimentary extreme damages in the liver.

Many of the advantages of jujube fruits are attributed to their antioxidant material.

What Is Jujube Fruit?

May enhance rest as well as mind feature

Jujubes are extensively utilized in natural medicine to enhance rest top quality and also mind features. Arising research study recommends their special anti-oxidants might be accountable for these results.

Jujube fruit, as well as seed essences, have been discovered to raise bedtime as well as high quality in rats. The fruit is usually recommended by different medication experts.

Pet, as well as test-tube researches, suggest that it might boost memory and also aid secure mind cells from damages by nerve-destroying substances.

A research study in computer mice also recommends that jujube seed removes might aid deal with mental deterioration triggered by Alzheimer’s. That stated, the seeds themselves are not generally consumed.

An extra human research study is required to completely comprehend exactly how jujube removal might influence your mind and also nerve system. Might increase resistance and also battle cancer cells.

Jujube might improve resistance as well as deal with the development of cancer cells. One test-tube research study kept in mind that jujube polysaccharides, which are all-natural sugars with antioxidant properties, might ward off free radicals, reduce the effects of damaging cells, as well as lower swelling.

Reduced degrees of swelling and also cost-free radicals can aid stop persistent illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes. An additional research study located that jujube lignin.

A kind of fiber with antioxidant buildings, advertised the manufacturing of immune cells and also boosted the price at which these cells reduced the effects of damaging substances.

In rat research, jujube essence improved immune cells called all-natural awesome cells, which can ruin dangerous intruder cells. Jujube fruit is likewise abundant in vitamin C, which is believed to have effective anti-cancer buildings.

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What Is Jujube Fruit?

One computer mouse research study discovered high-dose vitamin C shots eliminated thyroid cancer cells. And also, test-tube research studies have discovered that jujube essences eliminate numerous sorts of cancer cells, consisting of ovarian, cervical, bust, liver, skin, and also colon cancer cells.

Scientists think that these advantages are mainly an outcome of the antioxidant substances in the fruit. Still, the majority of these researches were performed in pets or examination tubes, so a lot more study in people is required before any type of company verdict can be attracted.

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May boost food digestion

Jujube’s high fiber material might assist enhance food digestion. Regarding 50% of the carbohydrates in the fruit originated from fiber, which is recognized for its advantageous digestion impacts.

These nutrient aids include and also soften mass to your feces. Therefore, it quickens the motion of food via your digestive system as well as lowers irregularity.

What’s even more, jujube essences might assist reinforce the cellular lining of your tummy and also intestinal tracts, reducing your danger of damages from an abscess, injury, as well as unsafe germs that might stay in your digestive tract.

In one research, jujube polysaccharide removes enhanced the intestinal tract cellular lining of rats with colitis, which enhanced their digestion signs.

The fiber in jujube might offer as food for your helpful intestine germs, permitting them to expand as well as surpass hazardous germs.


Jujubes are abundant in anti-oxidants. Pet and also test-tube research studies have discovered that removal from the fruit boosted mind food digestion, feature, as well as resistance. Even more research study in human beings is required.

Feasible disadvantages

For many people, jujube fruit is secure to consume. If you’re taking the antidepressant medicine venlafaxine or various other serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake preventions (SSNRIs), you ought to stay clear of jujube, as it might communicate with these medicines.

Furthermore, one computer mouse research study located that the essence of the fruit might reinforce the results of particular seizure medicines, consisting of carbamazepine, phenytoin, and also phenobarbitone.

You might desire to review any type of feasible issues with your health care company before including jujube fruit in your diet regimen if you’re taking any of these medicines.


While jujube fruits are normally secure, they might engage with the seizure medicines phenytoin, phenobarbitone, as well as carbamazepine, in addition to the antidepressant venlafaxine and also various other SSNRIs.

How to eat jujube fruit?

Jujube fruits are wonderful as well as tiny. Dried, they have a crunchy appearance and also a preference comparable to days. When raw, these fruits have a pleasant, apple-like taste as well as can be consumed as a nourishing treat.

They include a pit with 2 seeds, which need to be eliminated before consumption. Dried-out jujubes are likewise frequently cost usage in treats or to be consumed on their own sweet, specifically in Asia.

Still, remember that dried-out fruits are greater in calories than fresh ones. They’re a focused resource of sugar, so you must restrict them in your diet plan.

What’s even more, jujube vinegar, juice, marmalades, as well as honey prevail partially in Asia.

While the fruits might be challenging to find in the supermarket in the United States, some specialized grocers might lug them as well as associated items. You can likewise acquire dried-out jujubes online.


Jujube fruits can be consumed raw as a treat. Dried out jujubes are high in sugar and also ought to be restricted in your diet plan.

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The bottom line

Jujube fruits, additionally referred to as Chinese or red days, are reduced in calories as well as abundant in fiber as well as various other nutrients.

As a result of their antioxidant material, they might supply some health and wellness advantages, yet much more human study is required. If you take venlafaxine or particular anti-seizure medicines, you must prevent the fruit.

Both fresh as well as dried out jujubes are very nourishing, maintain in mind that dried out ones are greater in sugar as well as calories per offering, so they’re ideal appreciated in small amounts.

Jujubes are abundant in anti-oxidants. Pet and also test-tube research studies have discovered that essences from the fruit enhanced mind food digestion, feature, as well as resistance.

Dried-out jujubes are likewise frequently offered for usage in treats or to be consumed by themselves like sweet, specifically in Asia.

Still, maintain in mind that dried-out fruits are greater in calories than fresh ones. They’re a focused resource of sugar, so you must restrict them in your diet plan.

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